Who We Are?


Ocean King Fish Inc. business model is simple. We strive to be your number one choice for your seafood needs. We move with the waves of change in the industry on a daily basis. Getting your orders fulfilled in a timely manner is a high priority. Deliveries are made six days out of the week, with a fleet of trucks ranging from Semi tractor trailers, medium size delivery trucks, down to small vans all while giving you the best price!

Our Mission

Ocean King Fish Inc. began its journey into the seafood industry in 2010.

Based in the beautiful Los Angeles, California, we have become the largest distributors of live seafood in the SoCal area. Ocean King Fish Inc has since evolved from Live seafood products, to fresh and frozen seafood with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. The size of the boat does not matter here at Ocean King Fish Inc, we supply large chain markets, smaller mom and pop shops, restaurants, and even mobile caterers with only the finest quality of seafood. 


This is what sets us apart. Dealing directly with boats all over the west coast, from Mexico all the way up to Canada, Ocean King Fish Inc. not only saves the cost of the middleman for our valued clients, but it allows us to choose which boats makes the fleet. Every vessel is equipped differently, we only take on boats to our fleet if their mission and efforts for quality matches ours. We put our clients minds at ease when it comes to food safety, with a well trained staff and vigorous attention to detail, our facility is FDA approved and HACCP certified. Quality control and HACCP managers ensure the seafood you receive will be the safest there is out there.


We want to keep the motion in the ocean for the next generation of seafood lovers! Daily contacts with our fleet of boats, allows us the knowledge of what the current ocean conditions are. The type of gear they are fishing with, location of fishing, by catches, are all not only regulated by our friends at the Fish and Wildlife, but also tracked by our team members. With the ever so changing environments out in the deep blue sea, we want to ensure that we are allowed to enjoy seafood for many generations to come. Sustainability is of an utmost priority for our business.